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International Astronomical Center

Education Committee

* Objectives of the committee:-

Coordinates the dissemination of knowledge in educational form, such as:-

* Members of the committee:-

2010 - Present
  1. Prof. Jalal Addin Khanji, Committee Chairman (Syria).
  2. Dr. Abdelkhalek Cheddadi (Morocco).
  3. Prof. Jamal Mimouni (Algeria).
  4. Mr. Marwan Shwaiki (Oman).
  5. Mr. Mohamed Rasheed Mohamed Farook (Sri Lanka).
  6. Mr. Omar Bouderdaben (USA).

2007 - 2010
  1. Prof. Nidhal Guessoum, Committee Chairman (UAE).
  2. Mr. Firdaus Yahya (Singapore).
  3. Prof. Hamid Touma (Morocco).
  4. Prof. Jamal Mimouni (Algeria).
  5. Mr. Omar Bouderdaben (USA).
  6. Mr. Marwan Shwaiki (Oman).
  7. Dr. Saleh Al-Shidhani (Oman).

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