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International Astronomical Center

Astronomy for the Islamic Society
Proceedings of the Second Emirates Astronomical Conference

Edited by: Nidhal Guessoum & Mohammad Odeh

General Overview

This volume contains the papers presented at the Second Emirates International EAS-ICOP Conference as well as other important facets of the conference, such as its final recommendations, the Memorandum of Understanding between the Islamic scholars who attended the conference and a number of prominent Muslim astronomers, introductions to the volume by the editors (one in English and one in Arabic), the list of talks and participants, color photos from the conference, etc.

The conference witnessed the gathering of over 145 participants, along with sometimes up to 50 additional people in the audience. Although announced less than 6 months earlier, the conference received more than 50 papers, about 40 of which were accepted through a very rigorous, double-refereeing process (the scientific committee was comprised of 15 experts from a dozen countries).

The proceedings volume is divided into two parts: the English part, which contains 13 papers, and the Arabic part which contains another 13 papers. The lengths of the various papers relate to the amount of time given to the presenters in each case. It is unfortunate that several of the papers that were presented were not submitted in time by their authors and thus do not appear in this volume and that the rich discussions that took place around some of the papers could not be summarized here. We do, however, encourage everyone to contact the participants directly to obtain copies of the (few) papers that cannot be found in this volume. As to the contents of the volume, they reflect the main themes developed in the conference:

  1. The Islamic calendar, with papers presenting the unified solution (Abderrazek and Shaukat) and the bi-zonal calendar (Guessoum and others).
  2. New techniques in crescent observation, including and especially the new CCD-camera photography technique.
  3. A review of the main issues facing Muslims today with regard to prayer times, particularly at high latitudes, with the new solutions presented by Odeh, Al-Misnid, Khanji, and Guessoum-Meziane.
  4. Islamic astronomy education efforts, in Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan, in particular.

    We the editors hope that the papers published in this volume will constitute, at least partially, a faithful reflection of the conference deliberations, that it will be useful to researchers everywhere and encourage many to explore such topics in novel and fruitful ways. We invite feedback and discussions about the contents of this volume, as well as suggestions for the main themes of the next conference, which we hope to organize in 2-3 years.

    The book consists of 204 Arabic pages and 123 English pages.

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