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Arabic & Islamic Crater-Names on the Moon

On the Moon, some craters are named after some famous Arab or Islamic scientists. Please find below a list of some Arab & Islamic crater-names on the Moon.

No.NameArabic NameArabic NameLatitudeLongitudeDia(Km)
01Abul WafaAbu al-Wafa1 N117 E55
02AbulfedaAbu al-Feda'14 S14 E65
03Al-BakriAl-Bakri14 N20 E12
04Al-BiruniAl-Biruni18 N93 E77
05Al-KhwarizmiAl-Khwarizmi7 N106 E65
06Al-MarrakushiAl-Marrakushi10 S56 E8
07AlbategniusAl-Battani12 S4 E114
08AlfraganusAl-Farghani5 S19 E20
09AlhazenAl-Hasan Ibn al-Haytham16 N72 E32
10AlmanonAl-Ma'mun17 S15 E49
11AlpetragiusAl-Bitruji16 S5 W39
12ArzachelAl-Zarqalluh18 S2 W96
13AvicennaIbn Sina40 N97 W74
14AzophiAl-Sufi22 S13 E47
15GeberJabir Ibn Aflah19 S14 E44
16Ibn BajjaIbn Bajja86 S73 W13
17Ibn BattutaIbn Battutah7 S50 E11
18Ibn FirnasIbn Firnas7 N122 E89
19Ibn YunusIbn Yunus14 N91 E58
20Ibn-RushdIbn Rushd12 S22 E32
21MessalaMa-Sha' Allah al-Basri39 N61 E125
22NasireddinNasir al-Din al-Tusi41 S0 E52
23Omar KhayyamOmar al-Khayyam58 N102 W70
24ThebitThabit Ibn Qurrah22 S4 W56
25Ulugh BeighUlugh Bek33 N82 W54

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