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Islamic Crescents Observation Project (ICOP)

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About ICOP

The Islamic Crescents Observation Project (ICOP) is an international project founded in 1419 AH (1998 CE), and is maintained by the International Astronomical Center (IAC). ICOP is a group of observers and experts who are interested in astronomical topics related to Islamic applications, such as crescent observation, prayer times, Hejric calendar and Qiblah direction. ICOP members who are located all over the world observe the crescent on a monthly basis and send their observation results, which are published on ICOP website after being verified.

Whereas some ICOP members are interested in crescent observations, other members are experts interested in scientific research and astronomical computations in the related topics. For example, many ICOP members publish papers in the refereed journals and international conferences. In addition, ICOP has very strong relations with official and private societies and associations which are interested in astronomical applications in Islamic topics, such as Islamic ministries, Awqaf departments, Islamic centres and Muslims delegations in Europe and USA. For example, ICOP provides them with calculations of prayer times and crescent visibility.

Observation Results and Information for the Current Lunar Month

By visiting the following link you may view several information about the current lunar month, such as:

  1. Crescent Visibility Map
  2. Crescent Observation Results by ICOP Members from different Parts of the World
  3. The Official Beginning of the Month in Different Countries

Please click on the following link to view the information related to the current month:
The Link

Crescent Observation Results since ICOP Establishment

ICOP website contains a separate page for each lunar month, in which the crescent visibility map is displayed as well as the observation results of ICOP members. In addition, we list the official beginning of the month in different countries. You may choose any lunar month since 1998AD (1418AH) from this page. From this page also, you may view the predictions of the crescent visibility for the upcoming lunar months in the current lunar year.

Send Your Crescent Observation Result

If you observed the crescent, then you may submit your observation result using one of the two following links:

Use this link to submit the observation results of the new waxing crescent. Which is seen in the West after sunset.
Use this link to submit the observation results of the old waning crescent. Which is seen in the East before sunrise.

ICOP Active Observers

This section is under construction.

World Record Crescent Observations

In this page we list the world record crescent observations, this includes these observation done by naked eye, telescope, or CCD.

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