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International Astronomical Center

Media Committee

* Objectives of the committee:-

* Members of the committee:-

2010 - Present
  1. Ms. Basma Dhiab, Committee Chairman (Jordan).
  2. Mr. Abdulrazzaq Baloushi (Saudi).
  3. Mr. Ayman Allayla (Iraq).
  4. Mr. Ghassan Al-Rafati (Jordan).
  5. Dr. Ilias Fernini (UAE).
  6. Prof. Jamal Mimouni (Algeria).
  7. Dr. Khaled Zaag (Saudi).
  8. Mr. Omar Bouderdaben (USA).
  9. Dr. Sabih Al-Sadaai (Oman).
  10. Shaikh Sulaiman Ghani (UK).

2007 - 2010
  1. Ms. Basma Dhiab, Committee Chairman (Jordan).
  2. Mr. Abdul-Rasaq Ishola (Nigeria).
  3. Mr. Abdulrazzaq Baloushi (Saudi).
  4. Mr. Afroz Ali (Australia).
  5. Mr. Hamza Rijal (Tanzania).
  6. Ms. Hind Ghanem (Jordan).
  7. Dr. Mashhoor Al-Wardat (Jordan).
  8. Mr. Muhammed Qamardeen (Nigeria).
  9. Mr. Omar Bouderdaben (USA).
  10. Mr. Salem Sahid (Libya).
  11. Mr. Suliman Gani (UK).

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